His class took a trip to the art museum a few weeks ago. We let him take the wife P&S and see what he came home with. Well I figured we would of gotten a bunch of pics of the art in the museum..... this is the highlights of what he took pics of.. alot of them had camera shake and aren't usable..

he is only 9

shot 1 - he seen a mirror or something and thought it would be cool to get a shot of himself

shot 2 - as they got to the museum

shot 3 - 5 pics of the museum - they got to watch the "sails" open up

shot 6 - his view from inside the museum

shot 7 - the flag

I was very impressed in what he took pics of - his flag shot is probably better than any flag shot I have attempted - he did take pics of some tomb exhibit they had there (thought it was cool)

he played with the settings on the camera to get the B&W cause he thought the ones he took in B&W would look cooler :thumbsup:

I did some minor color correction and straightening for him

thanks for looking - any comments he would appreciate