I would like to welcome all our new members and visitors to Photography Review. Soon many of you will be thinking about new cameras and equipment for Christmas. I would like to invite you to check out ALL the forums on this site but would like to give you a special invitation to check out the "Camera Dealer Feedback forum" BEFORE you buy anything for Christmas or any other time. I have compiled a list of Recommended Sites and sites you might want to avoid. These list were compiled from all the members posting what experiences that they have had with different companies and sites over the years.

Every year people will come here AFTER ordering and make the statement that they wish they had found this information BEFORE they ordered. Please do you research FIRST and NOT AFTER you make a mistake. We would like to help you have a pleasant experience when buying and help you improve the chance of being a happy, satisfied buyer.

This is the address that will take you to the forum.