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    grrr... darn those nice cameras!

    Well I'm sure we've all been in a situation where we wish we had a small point a shoot. my latest, and constant, has been at work. In the past week i have been dropped off at the top of a snowy mountain peak, been to secluded hotsprings, seen a mama bear and her cubs, and have been flying almost an hour a day in a chopper through the mountains and valleys in BC. I have seen so many awesome picture opportunities but my camera is just too big and $$$ to drag around with me at work. It's gonna be another few weeks before i start getting paychecks again and can get a P&S. it sucks

    What kind of situations have you been in with wishes of a smaller, simpler camera?

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    i bring my S100 when i go snowboarding or plan on drinking a lot. it has been dropped countless times and has taken over 20,000 photos and still works great. it is actually on its way to Japan right now (my girl is headed over for a school trip).

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