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    Ever heard of Ken McElroy?

    Has anyone here ever heard of Ken McElroy? I work for Lands' End, and right off of the main lobby in our corporate building, there is a gallery where we feature different artist throughout the year. Ken is a self taught photographer out of New York and he has a display of color photos in our gallery right now. He shoots 35mm. His business card says "Fine Nature Photography" so that should give you an idea of what he's into. I don't have any samples of his work to show you, and there isn't a web address on his business card... I was just wondering if anyone here is familiar with his work.


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    Re: Ever heard of Ken McElroy?

    Not me, I'm in the UK. But I googled the name. No photographers.

    Ken McElroy - playwright
    Ken McElroy Ministries
    The Music of Ken McElroy Contemporary Christian and Gospel Music ...
    American Federalist Journal - God Bless the ACLU - Ken McElroy
    Ken McElroy terrorized Skidmore, Missouri, for years--robbing, raping, shooting, and maiming

    and this thread !! Ever heard of Ken McElroy? mjs1973. Yesterday 05:29 PM by mjs1973

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