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    project forum co-moderator Frog's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    wa state

    Does this guy look familiar?

    I know I've seen him somewhere....
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    Powder River Imaging EOSThree's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Like no place on earth

    Re: Does this guy look familiar?

    I thought the same thing Frog. So, John, Moonlighting?
    Rule books are paper they will not cushion a sudden meeting of stone and metal. --Ernie Gann--
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    Captain of the Ship Photo-John's Avatar
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    Re: Does this guy look familiar?

    Ha ha - nope that's not me. I will admit there's a strong resemblance, though. Stronger than you guys even realize, actually. That was Solitude ski resort, one of the places I ski a lot. I was up there the last two weekends but I wasn't getting quite that much snow in my face - maybe tomorrow

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