I'd like to announce a new (non-profit) photography project called Deck of the Emotions.

The Deck of the Emotions is a deck of standard-size playing cards whose four suits are four emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, fear), with each emotion ascending in intensity from 2 through Ace, via (for example) beatitude, elation, glee, ecstasy, and joy.** The face of each card will be a photo representing the emotion.* The word representing the emotion will also be there, as will a standard point value (2 through Ace) and suit markers in the corners.

We're hoping people will contribute photos to fill up the deck's gallery, which at present only contains a few images.* Pictures for anger, fear, or sadness are particularly sparse.

The web site www.deckoftheemotions.org is a portal for submissions to the deck. You can also find there additional information, as well as see the present state of the deck.

If you're so inclined, please help us publicize. Telling friends, posting elsewhere or links from your site are greatly encouraged.