I was wondering if anyone would grace me by posting a photo or two "before edit" and then "after edit", so show me some examples of what you wanted to do to the picture, what you did to get to where you wanted to go with it, and your end result? Sometimes an edit-need is blatantly seen, granted. Often, though, I don't realize what is making me unhappy with the picture, and am not sure what I could do to it to improve on it with editing. I was thinking, maybe if I actually saw some before and after pics, and heard how the "after" was accomplished, I'd have a little better grasp on what I'm doing in the editing department?

I've searched around quite a bit but am aware I haven't discovered every thread yet on this forum. If such a before and after edit thread does exist, would someone please assist by pointing me to it? I'd be very interested to peruse it. Thank you very much in advance