Tea House

Kanazawa, Japan has one of the country's lovliest Zen gardens. A prominent feature are the various traditional "tea houses" located throughout the garden. A "tea house" is simply a small hut , floored with tatami mats and is a place to treat honoured guests to a Japanese tea ceremony.

I've been studying Japanese tea ceremony for just about three years now so photos of tea houses like this are of particular interest to me.

On a separate note, once again after a super-long absence from P-R I return... I see a few of the old faces, Photo-John, Sebastian, and a few others. Every time I come back it's like a trip back in time. My profile says I joined in 2002, which sounds about right. Good times! I still have my black, P-R T-shirt which I wear proudly.

For those of you who still remember me, things are still great in Japan -- everything is as it should be. We're having a super time! It's been over three years since we've moved here and we don't anticipate moving anytime soon yet. Anway, I hope to keep more up-to-date with P-R again... I joined Flickr recently, but there's just WAY too many groups and photos and people to keep things real. That's probably why I came back here. :-)

Yoroshiku onnegaishimasu.