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    Advice for right camera

    Good morning everyone.....I am brand new here, so I apologize if I am not posting this thread in the proper forum.

    I am looking to buy a camera TODAY, and I am torn between Nikon and Canon equipment. I hear that the Nikon D40 is the best bang for your buck, but after reading some reviews, it seems that Canon has equipment that may be better. I am trying not to judge the quality of these cameras by the amount of megapixels, but I feel like I want something in the range of 8-10. I majored in photography but I am in no way a "professional" photographer.....I shot film in school and have never owned a serious digital. I guess I am looking for the best entry level professional camera out there. I am looking to spend about $700-$800.

    I also have some lenses that fit on an old pentax and am wondering if they would be compatible with any of these cameras.....

    I have been shooting for nearly a decade now, but I feel like a newbie with this digital stuff! please forgive my ignorance.....I REALLY appreciate any advice you can give me....


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    Re: Advice for right camera

    HI Dubbs, welcome to PR Canon and Nikon are definitely not the only worthy options in that price range. There is also the Olympus E-510, Pentax K200d or K10d, and the Sony A200. All of the cameras in the price range you are looking at are excellent cameras with loyal followings. I would suggest that you go by the camera store and see if you can handle any of these cameras in person. See which one feels best to you, which is most intuitive.
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    I would suggest that you go by the camera store

    "and see if you can handle any of these cameras in person. See which one feels best to you, which is most intuitive."

    Took the words right out of my mouth!

    Ergonomics are a BIG part of how well a camera will work for you.
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    Re: Advice for right camera

    So, which camera did you buy?
    No, I DON'T need that.

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