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Thread: Snowy weekend

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    Snowy weekend

    The lifts aren't running here yet (Wednesday!) but the skiing away from the lifts is really good! I got out on a couple of different ski outings this weekend.

    First was some Nordic at a nearby area called Mill Creek with my wife on Saturday. Tons of new snow with 2+ Ft. on the ground. It was warm so that new snow was sticky making xc more of a plod, but it was still fun and really beautiful!

    IMGP1193-Edit by, on Flickr

    IMGP1163-Edit by, on Flickr

    Then yesterday I went on a nice tour up Mt. Emmons with a buddy to ski a couple of different aspects. First we skied Red Lady Glades to get warmed up. Great snow!

    IMGP1281 by, on Flickr

    Saw some fast friends on the skin track. They lapped us! (that's Mt. Crested Butte in the background on the left)

    IMGP1249-Edit by, on Flickr

    Mt. CB from Mt. Emmons - it opens Wednesday!

    IMGP1245-Edit by, on Flickr

    With the snow looking nice and stable we headed back up for lap in Red Lady Bowl with is a lot more exposed and a bigger run. It was fantastic!
    The light went a bit flat from time to time but was generally good enough for skiing and photos.

    IMGP1313-Edit by, on Flickr

    Fun day! Legs are tired today!

    IMGP1340 by, on Flickr

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    Re: Snowy weekend

    Happy to see some ski photos here - even if I can't partake myself, yet

    The fifth photo, looking across at Crested Butte, it really nice. I like how you framed the mountain between the two trees. And that band of cloud floating in the middle is the frosting on the cake for me.

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    Re: Snowy weekend

    Nice shots!

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