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Thread: Last of Bobsled

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    Last of Bobsled

    More bobsled from the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah. Shot at f4, 1/1000 and ISO 100.

    Last of Bobsled-img_4114.jpgLast of Bobsled-img_4146.jpg

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    Re: Last of Bobsled

    Nice, I kind of wish we had a track around here! I think I like these two the most of the series. The action up in the turn is great, and the fist pump at the fish is really nice too. Did you try and slower shutter speeds of the action? That could make a an interesting shot, with sharp track and context with a blurred sled showing how fast they go.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Last of Bobsled

    I really need to get up to Park City to shoot the bobsleds. Such a cool opportunity to have them so close, and one I've never taken advantage of. And having never shot them, I feel a little sheepish offering any advice. Here it goes, anyway...

    I agree with Matt that the first photo of the bobsled in the corner is pretty cool. However, when I clicked on it to see the larger version, I could see that it was soft from motion blur. I noted that you shot it at 1/1000th second at f/4 and ISO 100. Bobsleds are very, very fast and obviously 1/1000th of a second isn't fast enough. I'd try double that shutter speed and I'd stop down more to give my focusing zone a bit more cushion. And while we're talking about focus, what focus mode were you using? If you've got a camera and lens that can handle it, I'd use continuous AF for a photo like this. That will help you a bit with the motion blur and allow you to get a burst that potentially has more useable photos.

    The other thing that could be improved with your bobsled photos is the processing. Snow photos are tough and it looks to me like your priority was to get detail in the snow. You did a good job of that but I think you did it at the expense of the overall exposure. I also like to see a bit of real white and snow photos should almost always feel kind of bright. At least I think so. Sometimes I have to do a lot of work to get them to a point where I like them, but it's always worth the effort.

    Hope you don't mind my criticism. I want to see everyone getting the most they can from every photo situation. I also want to make sure that people are encouraged to learn and grow here. Last but not least, I want to these forums to have awesome photos that will bring in new users.

    Thanks a lot for sharing all your bobsled photos with us. Even if I have criticism to offer, I am still really psyched that you posted them here for us to see

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    Re: Last of Bobsled

    Great Images Tumber.

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