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    Noise a850 vs a77

    Just messing around, cold and wet outside an boring inside. The 850 really shines up to 3200 and falls off.

    Sony a77 1600iso

    Sony a850 1600iso

    Sony a77 3200iso

    Sony a850 3200

    Sony a77 6400 iso

    Sony a850 6400iso

    EDIT one more. this is the NEX 7 and the Carl Ziess 24mm at 6400. pretty impressive if you ask me.

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    Sony a99/a7R

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    Re: Noise a850 vs a77

    YUMMY! - I am fixing a cup of coffee, and this photo helps me "wake up"!

    Thanks for sharing Greg...


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    Re: Noise a850 vs a77

    Yep, good comparisons... 3200 at smaller sizes definitely is a wash between the two. 6400, the a850/900 sensor takes a big hit.

    The one thing I do like about the a850/900 sensor is that even when all the noise does start to show up, the grain reminds me of film grain and just doesn't bother me as much for some reason compared to the a77 when it starts to get grainy above 6400...

    Anyway, yep, good stuff... Definitely one more great tool to work with.


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