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    Watermarking Pix...

    What is an Easy/Cheap (or even FREE) way to go about placing watermarks on my photos???
    I have been told that I need Lightroom or other software.
    But is there a way to do this WITHOUT this software???


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    Re: Watermarking Pix...

    You can always just copy and paste a watermark image on top of the pix you want to protect, Roger. That's the cheap and easy way, but it interferes with the viewing experience significantly, and a lot of photographers don't do it. It's less intrusive if you place it near the edge, but a person can crop it out or depending how elaborate it is remove it via individual pixel edits.

    You can also add a digital watermark, but I've heard of ways these things can be defeated. See

    Sorry, but there's no perfect way

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    Re: Watermarking Pix...

    I like using batch watermark.
    It's not blurry. It's bokeh.

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