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Thread: Open source PP

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    Open source PP

    For this image I did all the post pocessing in Linux, just as a personal challenge.

    I used:
    Ubuntu linux
    UFRaw Raw opening and color curves
    Gimp sharpening and resizing

    This was destructive editing and only saved the result as jpg, if I want to correct something I'll have to do everything all over again, from the original file

    I didn't do any spot editing which would mean i have to use layers, and while i have done , I still do not feel comfortable doing it and would probaly use the windows tools I have.

    I feel it is oversharpen, which I did once at full scale and it looked fine, resharpening after resizing was not needed.


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    Re: Open source PP

    This is a nice post Armando because I know so little about using Linux for art or photography tasks.

    One certainly doesn't consider Linux for this - I think of servers and CS experimenters when I think of Linux.

    There's just so many apps out there for editing in the PC world and with Macs.

    The shot's doesn't look completely baked so to speak, but as an expt to get you some experience with Linux, what the heck ..

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