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    Unhappy HELP! (I'm a certifiable idiot this time. . .)

    Hey all-
    I was just printing on an Epson Stylus Photo 820, and I accidentally had the paper size set for US letter when I was really printing on 4x6. The result is a FAT spray of ink all over the inside of the printer. Did I blow it for life? Do I need to have the printer sent off for cleaning? Or will it dry and be okay?
    Why don't they make these dang things smarter than the people who operate them. . .*sigh*

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    You need to clean the ink out of the areas that are important, like the rollers, guides etc, as they will just keep adhearing to paper as it comes through.

    Use Isopropyl Alcohol and some cotton buds to remove it.

    Next time, check settings, check settings, then check settings.

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