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    Long time no post ... F1 again

    I've been battling with redundancy, mentally beating myself for buying the A2 intead of selling the A1 and buying a DSLR as the prices come down, and fighting the A2 to an honourable draw for motorsport photos.

    However, I have got a few that I think are worthy, and more that are not (as usual).

    #1 I know it's cluttered, but that's part of what I wanted, the driver surrounded by the technology. The yellow blur on the left is his engineer, and they were on the radio at the time. That's why I like the expression framed in the helmet. WIthotu the engineer I could crop it of course, but you can't see who he's talking to.

    #2 Not quite what I had in mind, because the helmet isn't in the centre, or at 1/3. Can this one be saved, or is it trash?

    #3 I have this problem, using the centre focus point I tend to put the subject too near the centre and then chop off feet, ankles, shins, whole legs even! Can this be recovered, or do I have to write it off to not learning to avoid what I know I do wrong?

    #4 Just couldn't resist this! I was talking to the club Jordan organiser and saw out of the corner of my eye one the mechanics lifting up his daughter over the barrier. I just said "excuse me, I can't miss this" and snapped 4 shots. This is the best, It'll be on the way to their family.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Long time no post ... F1 again-pict3854.jpg   Long time no post ... F1 again-pict3746.jpg   Long time no post ... F1 again-pict3905.jpg   Long time no post ... F1 again-pict4015.jpg  
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