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    Two from a New Camera I ;)

    As I indicated earlier in The Viewfinder forum I had a SURPRISE coming.These are from a new digital camera. I'm going to be coy at this point about which camera. I will say its not from the Canon Mark II or from my 20d either. But it is a DSLR and it is going to be the summer experiment. In fact it may pay for itself if what I've got in mind works, but thats for later.

    For now I'm just going to ask what you think of a series of photos over approximatly the next week. Probably about 10 to 15 images.

    As much as anything I'd like to know what you think technically of the quality. Certainly all comment and critiques are more than welcome. If I get enough responses on a photo I'll post larger versions in the gallery and will eventually do some "real" and repeatable test shots(actually I've already done 200+, but that is another story).

    If I post and then repost an image because of some technical screw up on my part, I'll post accordingly as some of the images (for time's sake) I'll have to put up while I'm traveling and I can't always get the notebook to do what I want via WiFi for some reason...

    The photos will be;

    1. Resized to about 550-600x350-400 or the other way P&L.
    2. Appropriately white balanced.
    3. Some sharpening (they're digital after all).
    4. Will not be cropped or it will be noted.
    5. Thats all I'm going to do unless I note otherwise.

    Also I'll include some photos of objects you can compare yourself such as my favorite,
    The Heinz Ketchup bottle against various backgrounds and with different lighting, etc.

    So without further ado, here are the first two:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Two from a New Camera I ;)-p2b.jpg   Two from a New Camera I ;)-p1b.jpg  
    CDPrice 'drg'
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    Please do not edit and repost any of my photographs.

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    Re: Two from a New Camera I ;)

    Great shots. Love the blue, simple background, and the texture of the sculpture.

    Well done,


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    Re: Two from a New Camera I ;)

    Okay, good texture in the stone and it does look good against the blue sky!
    Keep them coming!

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