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Thread: tennis shot

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    Nov 2004

    tennis shot

    this was shot at the us open '04 on the arthur ashe court. what do you reckon?
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    Re: tennis shot

    I like the viewpoint and the stadium and court was lit nicely for a good shot. The problem with this image is your railing right in the middle of the frame, and, your autofocus( assuming it was AF) focused right on the railing leaving the rest of the scene in a blur. For this shot, you need to stand up or get in between the railing to avoid it in the frame and certainly do not want the camera focusing on it. Hope to see more from you
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    Re: tennis shot

    i like the idea dont like the railing. if it wasnt for the railing...and more focus beyond the rail.

    thanks for sharing


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    Re: tennis shot

    Too busy for me. Did you get any of the audience ? sometimes the look on the faces can be worth a shot.

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    Re: tennis shot

    Railing has already been mentioned so ditto. I would also ask, what were you hoping to capture here? I can't really see any discernable subject, pattern, action, etc. Perhaps if you got closer.

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