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    smurfit-stone building

    smurfit stone building

    from my day in chicago
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails smurfit-stone building-smir.jpg  

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    Looks great. Can't find anything to comment on actually. Very interesting image.


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    MEMBERS, READ THIS: sears tower

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wings
    MEMBERS, READ THIS: sears tower
    Now it's my turn to comment on your comment. ;)
    I missed your previous message to hifijohn because I had pretty much given up on him for all the reasons you mentioned and just ignore his posts. I think he's pretty talented, but after making several critiques and seeing no response from him on those or on the forum other than more pictures, I don't figure he really needs or wants any critiques. So that's what I give him. I think it's easiest for me to just ignore him and let the moderators do their job if they so choose.

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    Re: smurfit-stone building

    Photography review has a digital camera forums which includes a picture of building that covers with mirrors. Also you can check to get quality task easily. It has a detail of this story. You can also post your good work there. Join their website for commenting on your favorite click.

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