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    A second night shot session.

    After having played few days with my D70 I have tought that it was time for me to face the music and post few pictures on the critique forum. These few shots were taken tonight relatively near my place. All of them are staight out of the camera with no post processing other than downsizing. Feel free to comment.


    1) 1 sec f/7.1 ISO 200
    2) 4 sec f/5.6 ISO 250
    3) 2.5 sec f/5.6 ISO 250
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    Paint with Light PuckJunkey's Avatar
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    They're all quite compelling and very well composed shots IMO, particularly the first. While I might've chosen to zoom in a tad more, the way the cloud whisps are playing off the water and the sort of far-off look of the buildings is just very cool. Has a "you're in a movie" sort of feel to it.
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    I like the bottom shot best and the top one is not bad. They both have a very soft feel to them almost like a pastel picture. Bottom photo is surely worth printing out for a keeper. Nice
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    Member frannymac's Avatar
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    I love the dreaminess of the top photo and the sharpness of the third. Completely agree with PuckJunkey's comments about the movie like feel - very dream sequence/sweeping vista ish...
    I'm keeping an eye out for your posts 'cause I've just bought the D70 myself and am playing around with the settings now. Your photos are very motivating!


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    Good job Seb. I like the first one the best. Personally I would have moved the horizon away from the center and towards the bottom at one third.

    I like the silhouettes in the second one, the objects in the background are however distracting and the large dark area at the bottom causes the composition to be a bit out of balance.

    The last one is better, but I prefer the first one over this one. The first one is a bit softer, less contrast, more pastel kinda colors. Same thing here, I prefer the horizon a bit lower.

    All in all some nice shots and I'm looking forward to see more of your work, well done Seb.

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    Thank you guys for taking the time to comment. I highly consider your imput as it can only broaden my perspective of things.

    About the softness of the first picture; while I have tought that the final result could be posted here I didn't meant the picture to exactly look this way. I was seeking for more sharpness and I tought that the smaller than average aperture could allow this. However, considering that the buildings must be 5 times further away from me than on the third picture, I assume that the mass of humid air over the river might have caused some blur, hence the softness.

    To Frannymac: Congrats for the camera! I wish/think that you will enjoy yours just as much as I have been enjoying mine so far. What a tool!! At that point in time my camera capabilities clearly outperforms my capabilities as a photographer. Have you bought the kit lense? If so, I'd like to know how you feel about it later on as I don't own this lense.

    best regards to all


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    i like these pictures better then your other re dues they are more in focus and the sky's coloring is amazing how do you get it to be like so many different colorers swirling together anywayz nice shot what did u do for that effect if dont at all probebly not

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    Hey again Young Shooter,

    I have did strictly nothing to get these colors. Things were just as they look on the pictures. I tried to redo them few days later but the lightning was so different (read less magical) that I just forgot about it. About the focus issue, technically none of my shots can be out of focus, its all landscape and I was focused at infinite in every cases. My newer pictures may appear less clear as they are darker (I bracketed on them and picked some of the underexposed on purpose).

    Then again, thanks for your comments.


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