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    Shooting Engagement Session Secretly....

    I am going to shoot an engagement session where the groom wants to propose his fiance in a way so that she is not aware of me (the photographer) taking pictures of them. What kind of tricks should I use so that she doesn't notice me? I am planning to use a long lens (around 200mm).

    Do you have any ideas? Have you ever done this before?


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    Re: Shooting Engagement Session Secretly....

    Where's he doing it? Somewhere like a restaurant that would be busy enough to give you cover may be good. Otherwise your next step is pulling some hidden camera stuff and using a remote to start clicking. Either way, you've obviously got to consider how much light you've got. It's going to be hard to stay incognito when your flash is going off.
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    Re: Shooting Engagement Session Secretly....

    The best way may be to hide in plain site - like you are shooting everybody. - Terry
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