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    Engagement Photo Session - what to take?

    I have done multiple weddings, portraits, etc but I am doing my first Engagement session and I am not 100% positive on what to take. From what I can find it seems to be mostly journalistic portraits... I am kind of getting a good general idea from that.

    Is there any "usual" shots to get? I know this couple would like to use one of these pics as their wedding announcement, so I don't want to screw it up!
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    Re: Engagement Photo Session - what to take?

    Just have fun, make sure they have fun, encourage them to goof off, give them ideas for poses, tell him to give you the Zoolander "Blue Steel" look. No pressure. Here are a couple that I took on the first one I did a couple weeks ago.


    (Ring) Finger

    Rest of that Set that I uploaded

    Here's my fiancee and I by another photographer
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    Re: Engagement Photo Session - what to take?

    Camera, lens, flash...

    OK, I'm being a wise guy.

    Take a variety of photo's. Take some "posed" shots, take some candid shots, take some fun shots. Make sure the couple are comfortable. The more comfortable they are in their environment, the better the photo's will turn out. If they are having fun, then you can't go wrong.
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