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    Linux in the Movie Industry

    Just a curious piece of information...

    Linux now rules supreme when it comes to movie editing. "Most of the major studios use Linux -- such as DreamWorks with more than 1,500 Linux desktops and 3,500 Linux servers." These machines have replaced Macs and other UNIX-based machines.

    Too bad Linux still doesn't have color management for us still photographers!

    A partial list of Linux software in use includes:

    * Baselight - grading and finishing
    * Boujou - matchmove
    * Conform - editing system
    * DaVinci Revival - color correction
    * Flint - visual effects
    * Fusion - compositing
    * Gelato - renderer
    * Houdini - animation and compositing
    * Maya - animation
    * Mental Ray - renderer
    * Mokey - stabilization
    * Monet - motion tracking
    * NUKE - compositing
    * Photogenics - HDR painting and retouching
    * Piranha - editing system
    * Platform LSF - render queue
    * qube! - render queue
    * RaveHD - DDR playback and HD conversion
    * RenderMan - renderer
    * Rush - render queue
    * RushPlay - digital dailies
    * Shake - compositing
    * SoftImage - animation
    * Smoke - editing system
    * SpeedGrade - color correction
    * SteadyMove - stabilization
    * US Animation - cel animation
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    Re: Linux in the Movie Industry

    That's very interesting info, thanks for sharing

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    Re: Linux in the Movie Industry

    Still not running Avid or any other major editing platform that I'm aware of.
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