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    Anyone following the Chris Benoit case?

    For those that don't know, Chris was a professional wrestler for the WWE. He missed a match over the weekend, then some friends and family got worried about his welfare after he sent them some text messages. They called the police to go and check on them on Monday, and found his wife strangled, his son suffocated, and himself, hanged. They have ruled it a murder suicide.

    They found steroids in the house, and some have speculated "roid rage" is to blame for the killings. Then a few days later, the police raided Benoit's doctors office.

    Now it's been reported that there was an entry to Benoit's Wikipedia page stating that he missed that weekends match because of his wife's death. The strange part about that is that the entry was posted 14 hours BEFORE the police had discovered the bodies.

    Here is a link to the article from CNN.
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    Re: Any one following the Chris Benoit case?

    From the sounds of it... he was quite the loose cannon... this kind of thing doesnt surprise me... sad that it happened... but not all too unexpected with illegal drug use...
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    Re: Any one following the Chris Benoit case?

    It's all so horrific and tragic.

    I had not heard about the changes made to Wikipedia. That's just bizarre.

    The fact that he murdered his 7 yo haunts me having an 8 & 7 yo's myself.
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    Re: Anyone following the Chris Benoit case?

    I still have yet to hear what has become of his 2 older children. He also had a 8 or 9 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. Their names were mentioned during the 3 hour tribute show to him on WWE Monday night RAW but they elude me at the moment.

    Brett Hart probably knew him better than anyone else in teh WWE and said that although he was shocked to hear the news.. he wasn't all that surprised when you look back at the list of wrestlers who have died mysteriously due to problems and complications revolving around steroid use.
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    Re: Anyone following the Chris Benoit case?

    I find it odd that anyone would pay tribute to a murderer. Let's blame it on the steroids and not the hero. What if it had been crack or pcp he was on? And poor old Barry Bonds can't even get anyone to come see him break the most important record in MLB. Something ain't right here.
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