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    Unhappy Counterfeit Nikon Batteries

    I recently had occasion to need a new battery for my Nikon (takes EN-EL3e).
    I had purchased a third party battery and had it die after one charging-- so I was ready to buy another "real" Nikon one and spend the bucks. In looking online at reviews of 3rd party batteries, however, I ran into discussions of the counterfeit ones- Nikon box, Nikon label, but really a Chinese fake. Looking at the two Nikon brand ones I already had, it turned out the backup I bought from Amazon a while back was fake. I went to Amazon again and sure enough they still sold the fake one as a real Nikon for $48 and that even with a review posted by someone saying it was fake. When I attempted to post my own review saying I had found the same-- they rejected it. Even more disturbing, if I went to NikonUSA and followed their own links to online suppliers of their batteries-- one of the ones I ended up at was Amazon's fake battery. So, be wary when buying these--there are a number of indicators, but the most consistant seems to be that real ones have the 4 notches in the hologram square-- and fakes have no notches. B&H and Adorama have good pictures of theirs showing the 4 notches are present.

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    Re: Counterfeit Nikon Batteries

    Thanks for the heads up on this, Jeff
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    Re: Counterfeit Nikon Batteries

    I'm amazed that Amazon has not responded in a professional manner. Not like them.
    Thanks for the heads up Dr Zyzix.
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