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    Then again, dust!!!

    I tried few short this morning, outside on a bright sunny setup while I have just noticed that grain of dust inside the viewfinder.... How did it got there, I am rather clueless. I haven't removed my lense from the body since a technician definately cleaned the sensor of my camera with an air blower 2 weeks ago and haven't noticed the dust in the viewfinder before this morning. The only thing that I can think of is that the dust made it's way through the viewfinder while the technician was blowing air on the sensor as he spent nearly half an hour to get rid of it but then again, I wonder why it didn't pop to my eyes sooner.

    The situation is obviously harmless for the pictures but it seriously annoy me as the dust now pop to my eyes while I am shooting. Can I hope to get rid of it with my air blower or should I be better off just living with it as it is??

    Perhaps I am getting overly picky since I got that new camera but I am starting to hate dust with passion.



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    I just crossed my fingers, took the lense off and blew few shots of air in direction of the viewfinder. No dust in it anymore. Now I pray that I havent introduced new dust on the sensor....

    regards to all


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