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    SonyDCRTRV33 - LCD too dark outside now

    I am very much a beginner at this sort of thing and I really hope to get some help here. I purchased this camera 10 months ago just before going on a major holiday to Europe. While in Europe, we took over 5 hours of footage in mostly bright sunny days. It worked like a charm. A couple of months ago, I took the camera out again to tape something outside and now I'm finding that the LCD screen is so dark - I can barely see what I'm taping. Inside, it seems to work fine but as soon as I step outside the house, the screen goes almost black. I've taken it back to the Sony store and they sent it to a repair photo shop and after 3 weeks, it was returned with no problems found! No one seems to be taking my case seriously and I'm still without a camera that I can use outside. Has anyone heard of this before? I would appreciate any help whatsoever.

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    Re: SonyDCRTRV33 - LCD too dark outside now

    I am also a beginner as you are in the field of photography. And i must say that what you are doing is fantastic. As i have a mentor who guides me the same as you say.So, you can get to gain more techniques to manage their college work. Keep doing these efforts.

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