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Thread: to dark

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    Mar 2004

    to dark

    Some of the pics i took today came out fine yet others were dark and took at the same time/place my camera is a fuji s3000

    Also if i take a pic of a moving object the camera wont capture it as the object will have gone before the camera responds

    Can anyone help


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    Clown swampy's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    It seems the shutter time is a bit slow, wich means that it takes 1/2 second after pressing the button before the picture is taken, and that ofcourse only if it already has been put on the shot.

    Okay, one tip, point at the area you wish to have the picture, press the shooter in HALF .. then it focusses on that point and sets the lighting and lenses, then once the car or other subject comes in sight then press.

    If you do not pre-shoot then it takes indeed long to take a picture..if you pre-shoot ( damn how they call this ) then it goes much faster!

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    Mar 2004
    thanx m8 for your help much appreciated

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