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    Portrait lighting advice needed. . .

    I do occasional portraits of family and friends and also objects and so on . . . I use Canon Elan 7 35 mm film and scan the negs on the dimage dual III.
    I just purchased two 12" reflectors and stands with 500 watt photoflood bulbs and sockets. Also have soft diffusers that clip onto front of reflectors. When I am setting up the shot, the light seems bright and full and even. Looks right in the camera. Shot with fuji reala 100 film and have a greenish colorcast on most of the pics. What can I do? I was told to use a 80a tungsten portrait filter to help with this. will this do it? Would 4800k floodlamps (bluish colored) hgelp as well? Here is an example. Untouched image
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