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    55 I'm looking at the Coolpix!

    8 megapixels! That sounds great. How would the photo results of this model differ from that of a digital slr and a N65 for example? Would this be a suitable replacement for an N65 with better results? I'm going to do more research but all of your comments and advice far exceed anything I can think of. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RachelleFav
    Are the results from a coolpix and dslr comparitive?
    Yes and no (just like everything with photography). With a coolpix (as in my experiences with the coolpix 5000 which has been discontinued), the images look better right out of the camera. They're designed to be that way - easy to get a good print without much work. With a DSLR, put in just a little work and the results can be better. You'll get used to Photoshop and in a lot of cases can make a huge improvement to a shot in a minute or two. I chose not to sharpen inside the camera because I have more control later, for example.

    DSLR's have a larger imaging sensor than a Coolpix (using that term generically, any P&S digital). Bigger sensors help in low light situations when you shoot at high ISO settings - less noise (digital grain). Mine's about 1/4" x 3/8" versus 1/2" x 3/4" in the DSLR (standard size of a sensor with the 1.5 factor). Do you know about the 1.5 crop factor? Your lenses will have the angle of coverage that a lens 1.5 times the focal length has (50mm becomes 75mm, etc).

    Just trying to remember all the pros and cons of it...

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    I don't know anything!!! :)

    I don't know about the 1.5 crop factor. Once again I'm at a loss. The only thing I use my camera for (though quite often) are for pictures of my children and family and related events. I was having problems with my N65 in low light situations so I want a camera that will do well in this area and provide clear sharp images of the kiddos. I don't think editing images on the computer should be too much of a problem with some practice. I was so impressed with slr results that the point and shoot results may not be comparable. But of course I truly don't know at this point.

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    N80 & N65 & N75

    Quote Originally Posted by RachelleFav
    Charles, what are the main differences between the three cameras you mentioned? There are so many to chose from!

    I've also been very pleased withe B & H. I've gotten some accessories there for my N65 and they were quite speedy with delivery. I really fear not buying an extended warranty or service agreement but I've read that warranties are a waste of money...not sure on camera equipment. I'd hate for such an expensive camera to break!
    Let's start from the N65 that you already know.

    - It has P/A/S/M modes where the parameters are modified with a single knurled dial under your right thumb. This is rather clumsy in M mode where you have two parameters to modify (aperture and shutter speed), because you have to press on an additional button to switch from one to another.
    - It also has lots of subject program modes which I never use
    - Focussing zone selection is controlled by yet another button with the knurled dial. This is really clumsy
    - If you want to turn off the focus assist light (which I always do because I don't want my subjects to see me) then you have to either press yet another button or else choose a subject program mode
    - You can't set the ISO setting manually. You can just tell the camera to over or under expose
    - There are no programmable settings
    - There is no 3D TTL flash in some circumstances (I forget which ones)
    - The metering system is fairly accurate (only)

    Now the N80:

    - Two knurled dials so controlling aperture and shutter speed is natural
    - Joggle pad on the back to control focussing zone assist (with focussing zone visible in the viewfinder)
    - Lots of programmable settings including one to turn off the focus assist permanently
    - Full control over the ISO settings
    - 3D TTL flash all the time
    - 3 metering modes
    - Focus hold button
    - No subject program modes
    - Very accurate metering system

    And the N75:

    - All the advantages of the N80 mentioned above except only one knurled dial & metering system (*)
    - The Subject Program modes from the N65 if you really like that sort of thing
    - An extra focussing mode
    - Cheaper & lighter than either the N80 or N65
    - Slower film wind-on than either N80 or N65
    - Smaller viewfinder

    Overall the N75 comes out as a really good deal. The N65 is frustrating for serious work. The F80 is nice but much more expensive.

    No idea about extended warranties. I don't use them. If I break the camera I buy another one.


    (* Edited 15/5. Checked out the knurled dials & spotmetering found - they don't exist on the N75. If ytou have something really difficult to do where you need the utmost control then take the N80)
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    Thanks Charles!

    More great information. There are so many to chose from. I am leaning towards the D70 or the N75 or N80. The prices on the N75 and N80 are really good now and the D70 outfit seems a bit hard to find. I typically don't get warranties either and have been lucky so far but with such an expensive piece of equipment as the D70 I'm a bit afraid. Thanks again!!!

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