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    Need advice on broken door latch - Nikon AF 4004

    Anyone had the problem of the door latch breaking on a Nixon AF 4004? A small piece of the plastic has broken off of mine, keeping the door from latching. I have the piece and it appears feasible to glue it back on, but I don't know what glue to use. Any suggestions? Also, does anyone know what sort of plastic these camera bodies are made of? Some glues specify that they don't work on certain types of plastic.
    Thanks for any adivce.

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    Re: Need advice on broken door latch - Nikon AF 4004

    Think I've heard polycarbonate (a.k.a. Lexan), so super glue should work. Normally I wouldn't recommend trying something like this but as you're probably aware 35mm film cameras are at almost giveaway prices these days. has a handful of N4004's and F401 (European N4004, same thing except for the number) for the $50 range or less. So, if the repair doesn't work it's a $50 mistake.

    If you do try it, study how the the parts move and mask off what you can so that you don't glue the piece back on only to glue the whole thing to the side of the camera making it not move. If you don't want to try it, there's always Gaffer's Tape. It'll never be as good as new and could easily break again, so you may want to use both the glue and tape as a precaution.

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    Re: Need advice on broken door latch - Nikon AF 4004

    I would try Loctite.

    I have had duct tape on my QL-17 for a couple of years. Works just fine.
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