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    Experience with B&W filters?

    I'm looking for a few close-up lenses for my Nikkor 180 2.8. I've used Hoya HMC close-up lenses with great success on my other lenses. But Hoya only makes standard close-up lenses in the 72mm size I need for the 180 lens.

    B&W makes individual close-up lenses at about $42 a piece in 72mm. Does anyone know anything about B&W? I'm trying to decide between buying two B&W close-up lenses, or buying a standard close-up lens set from Hoya for about the same price.

    There are no reviews on the Hoya or B&W close-up lenses in the Reviews section.


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    Though I'm not a filter user, my friend at my local pro shop states that B+W are the best filters made, bar none.

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