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    Last plug for the Epson Print Academy ONLINE EXPERIENCE...

    Well, I viewed my first workshop videos from the Epson Print Academy ONLINE EXPERIENCE, and I have to say I'm both impressed with it so far and very excited about the upcoming lessons.

    In case anyone missed my first post a few weeks ago, here's the URL for info about the TEN WEEK online program:

    Click on the right side link for the online program...

    IMO, this is an absolutely amazing value for $30. The online videos cover a great deal of information about digital workflow, including shooting, ps editing, and color managing. Some of the lessons are video coverage of famous pro photog shoots, well known digital printers giving tips and secrets to "near perfect" image printing, and photoshop gurus showing how to get the maximum results from the software (both dos and don'ts).

    We're talking TEN WEEKS of five new instructional videos a week (viewable at any time), plus an online library of additional video lessons, plus access to printable notes on all the lessons as well as a huge digital workflow glossary to refer to.

    Check it out...
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    That reminds me...

    Epson never did reply to my email. I sent an email to the online experience address asking why people outside the US can't sign up for the course, but they never did reply. I'm clueless when it comes to printing and I really thought this course would be perfect for me. Thumbs down to Epson.


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    Smile Well, well.

    I finally got an email reply from Epson today regarding this online course. (Coincidence? Hmmm...) If any Canadian residents are interested, here is their reply. Yeah!

    Thank you for your interest in The Online Experience.

    We are pleased to announce that although our e-commerce site cannot
    accept orders from outside the United States, due to programming issues, we
    have found a way to enable Canadian residents to register via telephone.

    Please call 1-800-807-7766 and provide your credit card information and
    email address to our customer service representative for the Online
    Experience Subscription. You will receive a confirmation email with
    the link to the program beginning Jan. 31. The cost of the Online
    Experience is $29.95.

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