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    Did I make anything worth while?

    I got the grand idea while eating my pringles that I should rig this up. From my test shots, it doesn't seem to do anything different from the plastic diffuser cap that I already had for my flash, but I was thinking it would behave as more of a spot light. Any suggestions on how to try this out or modify it to actually do something?
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    Re: Did I make anything worth while?

    If you want to narrow the beam, remove the diffuser or move it farther back. - TF
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    Re: Did I make anything worth while?

    If you want to narrow the beam, then it has to be the same size as the flash head, not bigger.
    Also it has to be long (I think you've got that) and non-reflective internally.
    For a beam, you don't want a diffuser either.

    Another trick is to take a bundle of large diameter straws (milk shake straws) and spray them matte black inside, then pack them inside the end of your tube to make a grid.

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