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    Beginner Photographer Needing Help


    I am new to this forum and I have recently picked up an interest in photography. I am not too interested in digital photography. I was wondering if I could get some help in choosing a 35mm SLR camera. I am thinking either between a Canon or Nikon, but I don't know what model is good for a beginner. I would appreciate any assistance.


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    A good place to start would be reading the reviews section for Canon and Nikon Cameras and lenses, then when you have found models you think might be what you are looking at, then ask more questions.

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    Cannon and Nikon run neck and neck in terms of quality and the breadth of their accessory lines. Cannon seems to bring new ideas to market faster than nikon. Nikon may have an edge with flash technology. You probably can't go wrong with either of the two.

    I use Nikon, and am not familiar with the Cannon bodies. But, if you intend to get really serious about photogrpahy, I'd probably go with an N-80 body with an M-16 grip/battery converter. Prices on the N-80s --and also F-100s-- have been falling lately, and seem to be a pretty good value.

    If you need really fast auto-focus and higher shutter speeds and flash-synch speeds, you'd want to go with an F-100. But, for over twice the price I wouldn't start out with one, unless you really need these features.

    Of course, a Cannon body similar to an N-80 would also give you excellent results.


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    Photography is photography, digital or otherwise. You'll learn faster and spedn less money in the long run woith digital, and avoid many of the frustrations of crappy labs, reprints, scratched negatives, etc.

    I would not go with anything but Canon or Nikon.

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