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    Question Adobe RGB question

    What would shooting in Adobe RGB do to an image compared to shooting in parameter 1 with a Digital Rebel? Would it be better to use than the regular parameters?

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    Re: Adobe RGB question

    Shooting in Adobe RGB gives you a wider colour gammut that you can then manipulate in say Photoshop without loosing any image quality until you save it as the file you want. Take two images of the same thing, using the different colour spaces and then zoom them and you should see the difference quite easily.

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    Re: Adobe RGB question

    One thing about color spaces, you have to follow through with the workflow. Most places (labs, one-hour photo, etc) will only print in sRGB so the print might not match the display (when looking at it in Photoshop, under the Adobe RGB color space).

    The problem will also be worse if you're using an uncalibrated monitor.

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