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Thread: Lens Cap Error

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    Smile Lens Cap Error

    When I turn on the camera to record and have the lens cap removed, the camera is not activated and it tells me the lens cap is still on.

    Any simple suggestions? Or, am I in need of sending it in for repair?? OR, cheaper to buy a new one???

    Thanks, Lindell

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    Re: Lens Cap Error

    Does the camera have an automatic lens cover in addition to the lens cap (this might be jammed) if not then there is a problem with the camera and would need to replace it or get it repaired. If it is a camcorder then it is usually cheaper to replace them. They aren't built to be pulled apart and parts aren't cheap so by the time a technician pulls it apart and identifies the problem you are usually paying close to what the camera is worth, when you add in the cost of parts you are usually going over it. If it is a pro or semi pro camera though this is defintaely worth getting a quote on.
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