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    Cannon HV10 not reading tape

    It was fine one day, and then jumpy the next. I thought the tension might be off on the tape, so I rewound the tape a couple of times, but now the camera won't read any film. I popped a cleaner tape in, but that didn't help either. I can fast forward and rewind the tape, but it it will not play at all. It's definitly something to do with the camera and not a a specific tape because I have tried several tapes.
    What could be the problem.

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    Re: Cannon HV10 not reading tape

    anything from dirt on the heads (a cleaning tape doesn't always work) to faulty heads, to a faulty pcb.... If your local camera repairer doesn't charge you for quotes, get a quote, but I would expect that the cost of the repair would exceed the replacement cost for the camera... Having said that it might be hard to find a mini dv camera these days, so if you need access to all your existing tapes it might be worthwhile fixing, although many broadcast video hire places will hire you a vcr that will accept dvc pro and mini dv tapes, and you could use this to convert all your existing tapes to a different format (either simply capture them to your computer or burn them to dvd)
    Sorry for the bad news.
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