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Thread: 11 volt agony

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    Question 11 volt agony

    Hi I am new this forum and hope someone willl be kind enough to help me. I have a jvc gr-d22us video camera. I am traveling in Asia for a year and am without the a/c power cord that runs the camera and charges the battery. There are any number of "universal" adaptors I have found and they cover various voltages but always skip "11". What is the deal? Did JVC do this just to force you to use only their replacement parts? There is no JVC dealer or service here in Pakistan where I will be for the next 1/2 year. If I have one sent from the USa it will be around $55.00. As the camera didn't even cost very much more than that and since I was qute stupid and accepted the salesman's word that my new laptop had a firewire
    (it doesn't) HP Pavilion zv5000 and thus I cannot edit my video on my computer anyway and I am not even sure there is room to add firewire to this laptop.

    So in conclusion
    11 volts and non-universal -what is up with that?

    a/c power cord for g-d22us jvc -help me get one to pakistan for a reasonable price

    can I put a firewire in my hpzv5000?

    Should I just buy a new digital cam? If so which one and under 1000.00 please

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    Re: 11 volt agony

    I can't help with the power supply overseas issue. Have you checked into looking for an aftermarket or third party charger for you batteries? As far as firewire for your laptop. Do you have an Pcmcia slot on your machine? They do make firewire adapters for that slot. I have been very happy with the ADS PYRO Api-610. It even came with a cord to connect it to the camera. You will need to check your hard drive out to see if it runs at 7200 RPM. That is the speed you will need for clean playback of your audio and video files. How big is the drive? You may need to partition the drive into two work spaces so that the computer isn't making systems calls to your programs on the same partition that your media files are on. The video will not sync up with the audio very well and it may crash.'t crash. Remember that about 5 minutes of MiniDv video with two tracks of audio takes up almost a full gig of hard drive space.

    Good luck.
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