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    Question want to buy camera and need help

    happy new year!

    i am new to this forum so i did a little snooping around but did not find what i am looking for.

    i am a fly fisherman and i am in the market for a new camera. was thinking about a canon SLR or the pentax K-5. i will be doing a fair amount of macro with it taking pics of fly's. but i want a really good camera that i can take out with me on the river in my boat, in cold wet weather.

    i have a small point and shoot that is waterproof and shock proof, but the pics aren't the best i have seen. i don't have much experience so i plan on taking a class or two to help me along.

    so in short i would love to hear about the camera feed back. this is a new world to me so please be spesific with what lenses you think i should get as well as cases ect...

    also what shop should i buy from in Vancouver that will treat us right as we will be buying two cameras (my buddy is buying the same camera as me)

    thanks so much for your help in advance!!! :thumbsup:


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    Re: want to buy camera and need help

    I'm sorry no one replied to your post! It just got hit by a spammer (deleted) and that bumped it back up so I noticed it. Did you buy a camera yet? If you're used to a waterproof P&S camera almost anything is going to be better. Even the best waterproof camera isn't awesome. And even the cheapest digital SLR is a huge improvement over any compact. So basically, you can't lose. Weatherproofing is nice but all digital SLRs are more durable than most people realize. You shouldn't submerge them but any of them will handle a reasonable amount or rain or splashing. The Pentax digital SLRs are well-known for being weather-sealed and I've got some positive experience in that respect with the Pentax K10D. And for what it's worth, I've shot with Canon and Olympus digital SLRs in the rain, too.

    You might also take a look at the latest DSLR from Olympus, the E-5. Here's a video of it that blew me away. Seriously, what this guy does with the camera is not right. But it's impressive:

    I had a pre-production E-5 for review but I didn't try anything like the guy does in that video. Here's my preview Olympus E-5 preview article and video:

    I hope that helps. And if you already bought something, I'm sorry no one here stepped up to help. If you do check back in and you already have a camera, please let us know what you decided on and how it's working out
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