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    Which Photo-Handling Software?

    I am thoroughly disgusted with the Nikon Picture Project software. What is the best software to use? How do you store and catalog your photos? If you want a print made, what medium do you use to take to the photo lab? Is Photoshop the best? Is it necessary to take a class at the local Vo-Tech to learn the software? What are the best steps to take to transfer the pictures from the camera, manipulate them, save them. and then have prints made? Is there a good book or brochure that I could get?

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    Wow, those are some big questions.

    You should be disgusted with Nikon Picture Project. Its a terrible and insulting waste. Nikon View (free for download from Nikon support) is better for file browsing.

    There is absolutely no easy answer to "What is the best," because it can vary depending on what you're doing (simple file viewing, manipulation, quick and dirty adjustments, hardcore editing, etc.) I use Nikon Capture and View when doing repetitive tethered shoots, Photoshop CS for hardcore editing, and ACDSee 5 for quick and dirty editing (rotation, exposure correction). For viewing files, the Windows XP digital camera wizard works great for downloading the images from your CF card and for viewing the output if you're capturing JPG. For RAW, you want to go with Nikon Capture/View for viewing and Photoshop CS for editing. CS has a vastly improved file browser, but I'm still not used to it yet.

    There are zillions of threads in this discussion group and at if you want to learn about manipulation of images. At the same time, this is something that is better learned by firsthand experience and trial and error than trying to piece it together from discussion threads, though you'll find lots of good links to lots of good content about all the questions you ask.

    I have Sctott Kelby's The Photoshop CS Book for Digital Photographers, which I think is a pretty good book, especially if you're new to Photoshop and want to get something in your hands to kickstart the process.

    Costco does excellent prints, if you have one (or more) in your city, but I don't think OK has Costco. Try Superb quality prints. I'm sure there are lots of others, so I'd strongly recommend doing a forum search on "prints."

    Best wishes in your search for the best solution!



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    P.S. Don't forget to scroll down and check the "Similar Threads" area at the bottom of this page. It looks like there's some good stuff there.--James

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