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    Photo Imaging Software.

    Does anyone have and suggestions for Digital Imaging Software, free or otherwise? My computer came with JASC Software Program and PaintShop Pro 8 (Both are trial Programs) that I will eventually have to buy once the time expires. I had previously been using LView, IPhoto plus and Adobe Paintshop Deluxe (All of these are old programs)
    I do not need the latest and greatest because I am only an amateur. The JASC Software is a pretty nice program from what I can determine. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Smile Free Digital Camera Software

    Hello Canute,

    I know that this is not the precise answer that you are looking for. However, if you wish to use software to catalogue and create websites from your digital photos (for free), I suggest that you try my software that may be found at - it is entirely for free and not disabled in any way.

    I hope this helps.

    Alfred Nassim

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    You can download the beta software right now for free. Does everything you will ever need for editing photos.

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    I have got these programs that I use some frequently and some I've even forgotten were there lol.

    SmartDrawPhoto (Which is now FotoFinish)


    Ulead PhotoImpact XL

    they are just a few to name. I'm sure if you google it then you'll find lots more There's plenty around for beginners to advanced. Good luck

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    Photoshop, or, Elements

    Get Photoshop 6 or higher, or, if you want to go cheap, get Adobe Elements.

    Some people use Jasc's Animation shop and I admit it appears to do superb work for them, in situations I was part of, it certainly created .GIF anims for them that looked great and were more user-friendly to make ... but I am ficusing on 2D still images and I am no longer interested in spending time on less than the best.

    Elements has all the elements of Photoshop 6, and there are a few behind-the-curtain technical reasons you want that ... what's missing in Elements will not be misssed by you, unless maybe in a few years as you get more adept and - more rich! Yeah right, like me, right? *cough cough* I would NOT go back to version 5, too much is missing and I expect Elemnts is more likely to cost less than ver 5, and if I wanted less, or cheaper, I would go Elements (you won't actually get much less and you will probably pay about the same for PSPro as Elements, and I can't see why anyone would really do that).

    I have been into Photoshop since version 2, now on Photoshop 7 ... I hear there WILL be a version 8 which is what I lean toward, I only might go to version CS if I end up with better digital cameras and start shooting and saving RAW "files" on the memory card.

    I had tried out just about every easily available other softwares by a lot of different outfits, and I refuse to waste time like that anymore. None of the stuff you get bundled on CDs with cameras, scanners, printers, et al are worth anything, even if they DO run on your machine, unless they'll give you a version of Elements on that.

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