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Thread: CCD Cleaning?

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    West Coast Ninja christopher_platt's Avatar
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    CCD Cleaning?

    Hey everyone-
    I've never taken my lense off of my D70, but evidently I got a piece of dust iin there when I first put on the lense. Now it's right in the middle of the frame and I have to map it out of every shot with Photoshop. A local camera store sells a thing called a "speck grabber," and that's what they recommend. I'd be interested in hearing everyone's ideas/opinions/techniques on what works best and is safest.
    Thanks in advance,

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    I've never used one, but I think you actually touch the sensor with it to get the "speck" off. I'm too chicken to do it. I use one of these:

    You can probably just blow it out with this. Most DSLR's have a cleaning mode where you plug it in with the AC adapter and lock the mirror up and shutter open - this is better than using the "B" shutter speed setting because the sensor isn't energized which will attract the dust you're trying to clear.

    It's not perfect, and I've had dust move around a little from shot to shot. Maybe the shutter opening and closing blows it around, I'm not sure. I think the best cure is prevention though. Always turn the camera off when changing lenses. Change lenses as quickly as you can, and point the camera down when the body cap is off of it.

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