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    Filter cleaning... film?

    Hi, I just recently tried to clean a multicoated filter with lens tissue and the provided cleaning solution, but it left a fairly heavy residue on the filter. Did I botch the filter, not clean it right, or is their a different solution I should be using for multicoat filters? Thanks.

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    I use a microfibre cloth to clean mine when I have to.

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    I use a microfiber cloth too - and nothing else other than a blower bulb, that's all I've needed. You could probably breathe on the filter and buff it out with a microfiber cloth. Keep the cloth in a film canister so that it stays clean.

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    Try not using the solution and papers. Use the microcloth like others suggested or one of those lens pens. Personally, I use the lens pens for my multicoated lenses and have been doing it for years with no detectable adverse affects.

    Good luck. It's possible that the cloth will take off any remaining lens residue.

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