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Thread: 1000d vs d3100

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    1000d vs d3100

    hello guys, i need help as i am torn between this two.
    within my budget currently, if i get canon 1000d, i could also get myself a 50mm lens.
    Also 1100d is coming in april, bot wont be available in my country until few months after that.

    but if i bought nikon d3100, i wont be buying any lens and stuck with kit lens for a loonng time. and lenses for nikon is tad bit expensive than canon in my country.

    would the specs of these two be so much matter in picture differences ? because i'd like to make money with the pictures i'll be taking. help is appreciated.

    and yes i'll be using this dslr for my whole life.

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    Re: 1000d vs d3100

    Get the Canon. Being able to afford a better or second lens far outweighs any performance the Nikon might have.

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