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    Question Multiple exposures with a 300D

    I just saw a really nice multiple exposure picture in the photo critique section and it got me to thinking... I took some double exposures with my Rebel G, but I don't remember reading anything about it in the instruction manual of my DRebel. Is there a way to take multiple exposures with my DRebel or do I have to creat them on the computer???

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    You take seperate pictures and combine them in post processing. There is no need for a seperate multiple exposure function with digital, and it is pretty much a gimmick reserved for low-end digicams.

    Any program supportign layers will let you make multiple exposure effects.

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    At the risk of sounding presumptuous, mjs1973, by any chance are you referring to the photo I posted? If so, it's definitely a one shot/single exposure photo that just looks like a double or multiple exposure. After reading the article posted on double exposure I can definitely say that is something my digicam would never be able to do, but with a long enough exposure and quick enough action it can look as if that was done.

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