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    Cool 300D / Rebel now with ISO 3200 & Mirror Lock Up

    I did the latest firmware update from and now my 300D does ISO 3200 and Mirror Lock Up, features that previously would have meant buying a 10D.

    The last firmware gave me Flash Exposure Compensation and other goodies. Now that the cat is out of the bag, why on Earth don't Canon take advantage! It's time to uncripple the hidden features officially; so that they are already on the camera when it's on the shop shelves lined up next to the Olympus and Nikon models?


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    you forgot to mention the focusing mode adjustments. i will not use AIfocus anymore.

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    Although these third party hacks work for most people, some users do have problems. A few can't even reinstall the original Canon version (see the weeping and wailing on dp review). It is worth noting that use of third party hacks voids the warranty. You'll have to pay Canon to restore the firmware to it's original condition. If you use the hack sucessfully and the camera breaks, you are also out of luck unless it can still power up to restore the factory firmware.
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