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Thread: 300D settings

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    300D settings

    I am new to hi res digital having just gotten a 300D second hand (pristine condition though)
    anyway those who own a 300D or 10D (same cmos etc) what colour settings do you use. I won't be doing any hi end production with it so i don't need to use the adobe rgb colour space, but what contrast/sharpness/saturation settings work for you. also i do lots of nightime long exposure stuff, i have heard that increasing the saturation but reducing the contrast works well. anyone played with this ?
    oh nearly forgot, what is the best photoshop setting for resizing images for fast uploads, quality vs visually pleasing. bearing in mind that i only have a 56k modem

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    Adobe RGB

    Good to see you on a still camera forum

    Even if you don't think you need it, I would recommend using the Adobe RGB setting. You should always be thinking ahead. Ten years from now, photos you're taking now may have more importance. And you may want to make good prints. Who knows, some of your friends or even you might be famous. Anyway, there's no reason to limit the quality of what you shoot now. I learned that the hard way and now I always shoot in RAW.

    As for the in-camera settings, I think you'll find most experienced photographers either set those controls to the minimum, or turn them off completely. I have mine all turned off. Sharpening is always best done later, for each specific output, with Photoshop. Andalowing your camera to process the color limits you later. It's best to do all adjustments in Photoshop. And it's easy enough to make Photoshop actions so you can automate image setup.

    For posting images on the Web, I use the "Save For Web" tool in Photoshop. I size my images to about 600 pixels on the long dimension and shoot for somewhere between 120-200k in file size. That's a pretty decent balance between image size, quality, and load time.

    Did you know there's a Digital SLR forum on this site? It's specificaly for the type of questions you're asking. In fact, Uwe, the moderator, requested it specifically for discussing the Digital Rebel.

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