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    Question Lumix FZ10 vs Fuji S7000 vs Olympus 5060

    Hi everybody! Iím somewhat lost (if not desperateÖ) and need help! I intend to buy a new camera since I was not happy at all with the image quality of the printouts of my old cams (Dimage X 2MP / IXUS 3MP; with both I had blurry edges and fuzzy surfaces in landscape shots and not too many detail in the pic)
    I use my camera mainly when travelling; so I do a lot of landscape and architecture shots, but also people and wildlife. (Basically I need some all-rounder cam, I guess?)
    After searching the net and reading tests and previews Iíve come down to my three (quite different) favourites: LUMIX FZ10, FUJI S7000 and Olympus camedia 5060. Iím quite impressed by the FZ10ís zoom and I hear the quality of the objective and the lens are great. Also the stabiliser seems to do a good job. What about landscape shots when little or no zoom is used? On the other hand Fuji and Olympus are microdrive compatible, so I can get 2,2 gigs for just a little more $ than the 512mb sd-card the lumix uses. Any doubts about the use of microdrives in cameras compared to flashcards? The 5060ís wide angle ability is quite good, too.
    I think most important to me is the image quality, so if anybody has any suggestions, Iíd appreciate!
    Thanks and cheers


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    Just look at the new post by johns 5060. its great all around camera. And make sure you dont get SD and XD mixed up. Olympus uses XD wich is not same as SD. XD 512 card is only around 170.00. The camera is just a great camera.

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    The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ10 is a great camera. However, if RAW images are needed then its not the camera for you. It doesn't record images in RAW format. For me that's no problem. Everything else is terrific. The Leica 12X zoom lens is simply spectacular and tack sharp. Its clearly a superb camera and though it lacks RAW image recording and Microdrive usage its never let me down. One thing about Microdrives are that they are power hungry be warned. SD cards are avail up to 1GB capacity.

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