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    Press Release: 8 Megapixel Olympus C-8080


    TruePic TURBO(tm) Image Processor Speeds Up Camera Functions, and Battery Holder, Lenses and Flash System Accessories Put More Control in the Hands of Photographers

    Melville, New York, February 12, 2004 - The first time photographers power up the new Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom they will be impressed by the camera's lightning-fast start-up and shot-to-shot recycling time courtesy of the Olympus TruePic TURBO(tm) Image Processor. But perhaps the greatest revelation about this feature-rich, top-of-the-line consumer camera is that it delivers 8 million pixels of resolution for producing color-rich prints of large sizes, and a super-bright f2.4 wide angle glass lens all for an estimated street price of $999.

    "The C-8080 Wide Zoom and it's wide range of accessories make this camera the ideal choice for photographers interested in an all-in-one, high performance solution that offers incredible ease of use and seemingly limitless customization," said T.J. Dickson, Product Manager of Digital, Olympus America Inc. "The C-8080 Wide Zoom delivers incredible speed thanks to a new image processor, and more features than most prosumer models on the market today at this price point."

    Olympus high-quality optical technology distinguishes the C-8080 Wide Zoom and sets it apart from other digital cameras. The camera's world-class Olympus all-glass lens with 3 aspherical extra-dispersion (ED) lens elements is designed specifically for digital capture. The fast and bright f2.4/3.5 to f8.0 lens is a 15x seamless wide angle zoom (5x optical wide zoom and 3x digital combined), 28mm-140mm equivalent in 35mm photography.

    By combining a designed-to-be-digital wide-angle zoom lens with an 8.0-megapixel sensor, Olympus developed a camera that delivers optimal image quality for a variety of applications. The C-8080 Wide Zoom has also been enhanced with an improved image processor called TruePic TURBO(tm) that significantly improves image quality and delivers faster overall processing speeds for rapid startup, shutter release and playback. TruePic TURBO allows the C-8080 to capture information from all 8.0 million pixels with pixel "micro-smoothing" that delivers clearer and more color-accurate photos up to poster-size and larger.

    No design detail has been overlooked in creating the C-8080 Wide Zoom. When photographers look through the camera's electronic viewfinder and see super-clear images that rival the clarity of optical viewfinders, it's because the C-8080's super-high resolution electronic viewfinder (EVF) has been improved to a sharp 240,000 pixels. Moreover, this is a full information viewfinder and has the advantage of allowing users to view all of their camera's settings without using additional power from the LCD.

    Stylish & Durable
    The C-8080 Wide Zoom is the embodiment of style and durability. It has a rugged, black, ergonomic magnesium alloy body that measures a mere 4.9" (W) x 3.3" (H) x 3.9" (D) and weighs 23.3 ounces (without the battery or media). This solid camera conforms to the photographer's hand with a rubberized grip and lens body that's easy to hold for lengthy photo shoots.

    More Choices Equals Greater Ease of Use
    Photographers are sure to appreciate the freedom of choice of the C-8080 Wide Zoom. It has so many options that the possibilities to customize the camera are seemingly limitless, yet the variety of choices makes the camera intuitive to operate.
    • By pressing one of the 13 direct control buttons arrayed around the camera body, a range of options can be viewed on the LCD or EVF, and the ideal setting can then be selected via the jog dial. The C-8080 Wide Zoom's advanced settings provide full manual operation and are ideal for experienced photographers who want to take control.
    • On the top of the camera a mode dial enables quick settings for an assortment of shooting situations with a turn of the dial, including Portrait, Sports, Landscape, and Night-Scene modes.
    • Eight customizable "MyMode" settings enable users to have quick and easy access to frequently used settings they assign.
    • A dedicated Custom button allows users to jump into the feature they use the most with just the press of a button.
    • The camera takes two types of memory media - the xD-Picture Card(tm) or Compact Flash(tm) Type I or II including microdrives - and can hold both media cards simultaneously for flexible storage options.
    • A multi-position 1.8" LCD for optimized image viewing allows photographers to swivel the LCD in multiple directions: upward from the camera body 90 degrees to shoot from the hip or 45 degrees downward to get the perfect over-the-head shot.
    • Transferring images to the computer has never been easier with the Auto-Connect USB 2.0 that does not require software drivers (for most computers/operating systems) for hassle-free and high-speed image downloads.
    • Images may also be viewed on a television using the audio/video cable.
    • Thanks to PictBridge technology, it is possible to print directly from the C-8080 Wide Zoom to any PictBridge-enabled printer via USB 2.0. Image cropping, paper selection, date imprinting, and printing quantities can be set directly from the camera's LCD.
    • The C-8080 Wide Zoom captures QuickTime(tm) video with audio so users can create short movies that can be sent over the Internet to co-workers, friends and family.
    Power Battery Holder Delivers Performance
    For photographers who want to extend their shooting pleasure, the C-8080 Wide Zoom can accommodate the new B-HLD30 Power Battery Holder. It holds a maximum of two Lithium ion BLM-1 rechargeable batteries to turn the camera into a powerhouse that has the energy to keep on shooting for hours (one BLM-1 battery is included with the C-8080). The BLM-1 Lithium ion rechargeable battery that ships with the camera delivers an impressive performance of 7.2V, 1500 mAh and can be charged overnight with the included BCM-2 battery charger.

    For more convenience, the holder features an additional shutter release button and zoom lever for added ease of use when composing vertical shots. The battery holder even has a space to store an additional xD-Picture Card to replace the one in use when it becomes full.

    Envisioning More Possibilities with Accessory Lenses
    Two new conversion lenses have been specially created for the C-8080 Wide Zoom, and both feature a bayonet mount for quick and easy attachment to and removal from the CLA-8 conversion lens adapter that screws into the body of the camera. The Olympus conversion lenses deliver the high optical quality required in digital image capture and have been designed to suit the imaging system of the C-8080 Wide Zoom to ensure optimal results without sacrificing quality.

    The WCON-08D is a 0.8x wide-angle converter lens that reduces the focal length by a factor of 0.8x (35mm conversion of 22.5mm) when fitted to the C-8080 Wide Zoom, providing greater wide-angle coverage without altering the aperture setting.

    To get even closer to the action, the TCON-14D, a 1.4x teleconverter lens, increases the focal length by a factor of 1.4x (35mm conversion of 160mm). To attach the TCON-14D or WCON-08D, the CLA-8 conversion lens adapter is required.

    Flexible Flash to See More
    In addition to the camera's own pop-up flash, powerful external flash units have been developed for use with the C-8080 Wide Zoom and other Olympus digital cameras. Offering precise TTL flash control or manual operation for full creative flexibility, these flash units are sure to satisfy the most discerning photographers. Delivering great illumination power, the FL-50 has a guide number of 50 at tele settings and of 28 for wide-angle shots. The ultra-compact and lightweight FL-20 can easily fit into a shirt pocket and has a guide number of max. 20, ideal for fill flash.

    The very precise flash output of the FL-50 and FL-20 (in 1/8EV increments) make them ideally suited for use with digital camera CCDs to provide even illumination across the entire imaging sensor. A flash bracket plus a range of flash connection cables enable attachment of these models to the various Olympus digital cameras such as the C-5060 Wide Zoom, C-5050 Zoom, C-5000 Zoom and C-770 Ultra Zoom.

    The C-8080 Wide Zoom will be available in February 2004. It includes a 32MB xD-Picture Card(tm), Li-Ion rechargeable battery and charger, Auto-Connect USB cable, Audio/Video Out cable, carrying strap, lens cap with retainer cord, lens hood, Olympus CAMEDIA Master Software, RM-2 Remote Control, user manual and Quick Start guide.

    U.S. Pricing:
    C-8080 Wide Zoom Estimated Street Price: $999 (U.S.)

    TCON-14D MSRP: $239.95

    WCON-08D MSRP: $219.95

    CLA-8 Conversion Lens Adapter MSRP: $44.95

    B-HLD30 Power Battery Holder MSRP: $199.95

    For more information, visit the Olympus Web site:
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